Nice trip to Margate today which involved eating pizza, talking about cameras with owner of pizza parlour and then travelling further to Broadstairs where we attended Morelli’s and baby T did not cry too much. She has been quite difficult today, she is getting choosy with food and I let her chew on a pizza crust, I mean why not?

When we walked into Morelli’s I sat down with the baby while my gf ordered some ice cream and suddenly I was hit with a wave of melancholy, not the usual nostalgia that runs through my veins when I hang out in this establishment but a true deep pang of sadness. Then Fay walked up and told me they had run out of banana AND caramel ice cream and that our usual favourite was off the menu. Maybe I had sensed it? Maybe I knew that the extra drive had been futile? We ate something with coffee and vanilla and had a small argument in the car on the way home re. the GPS and I almost crashed headlong into a Range Rover.

Ah well.